The future of love

Jiawen Li

Love becomes a more and more feeble thing in nowadays. According to the emotional degree, the normal relationship can be divided into, favorable impression, like, love, and deeper love. To be honest, it is easy to leave a favorable impression or like somebody. However, love is uncommon, and deeper love is rare. Except for movies or books, there is no real case to remind me the existence of the undying love. Admittedly, love may terminate or disappear over time. However, love also can be changed into a deeper love.

Overall, love is based on the survival and security. Some actions such as sending shopping gifts, or joining Valentine’s Day activities together can indeed increase the good impression and like, but if people want to get love, they must rely on a long stick. Love is the fate of people’s insistence, and till the end of fate, people will constantly create the romantic insistence.

It is common for people to use money or materials to measure love. In fact, this is quite simple to understand and comprehend. For example, some people says, “If a person does not want to pay for you, he must not like you.” Although this is not the best way to measure people’s emotional degree, it is an effective way to verify good impression (favorable impression) and like. In most cases, this is basically correct, because most people stay in these two stages of emotion.

As for love and marriage, they are less closely related, or even in a contradictory relationship. Marriage is not just for love, but also for better protecting the common property of two people and raising their offspring, which drives people to pay more attentions to substance and responsibility. In addition, there are some very loving couples choosing not to marry. You cannot say they do not love each other.

In summary, the pure love of marriage is tantamount to pure destruction. A happy marriage is built on the basis of sufficient materials. There is a saying that “Poverty consumes marriage (Everything goes wrong for poor couple).” It means that no matter how deeply they love each other, it is inevitable for a poor couple to have a little trivial quarrel, which may damage their love.


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