Technology & Love

Ang Zhao

Love was too luxury to maintain until we got technology aided methods to help us. The developing technology could help almost anything in our daily lives including love. In my opinion, the modern and even future love will be a combination of emotions and a bunch of physical alternatives. In this blog, I want to share some examples of technology aided love in the modern society, and we can forecast the future love according to the current development direction.


Technologies has changed loves in many aspects such as ways of connection, ways of getting together, ways of breaking up and affairs, etc. technologies help people to be ‘together’ when they are actually not together. Video chat software has shorten the distance between couples and families in different places. When a couple got different hobbies? Not a problem, they can live together peacefully and do their own thing by using their own devices. The share function in social media Apps helps lovers to share interesting links to improve their love bonds. Web chat and dating could help single people to get a partner. Although there are many cheating and false in the internet, but the original intention of a dating website is to connect men and women. There are successful cases out there. Sometimes, chat without seeing each other can let you know if you are matched. In the digital age, technology isn’t killing courtship. But for many young couples, it’s redefining what romance looks like(Hare, 2013). Online dating facilitates offline dating.


The social networks such as facebook and skype also have aided love a lot. The 29 years old boy called Austin had founded this love throw facebook. A random girl’s online text interested him, and he looked at her facebook to find out her personal information. Knowing one’s background, kind of pre-date, helps people to get into it faster. Social medias has kept many information of a person, which is enough to know his/her character, and also, the way of contact. Browsing others’ facebook page can also be a indirect way to show love. Sometimes, online romance cannot bring you a real partner, but at least it brings you the feeling of satisfaction.


As I said in the last blog, the past could reflect the future. To compare the modern technologies to the past technologies, we can see that the link between lovers are way stronger than the old days. During the age of exchange of love letters, the bonds between lovers are not steady. The distance and time could change their minds. Immediacy is an important feature of the modern technology. But, it is also has disadvantages. The contemporary can’t live without their phones. It is a double-edged sword which let friends and families drifted apart(Goldson 2015). All the attentions have been given to the phone. When we are enjoying the convenience of the modern technology, we also need to concern about the harm that technology brought to us.


Oh yes, one more thing, the most popular part of love – sex is also developed by technologies. The modern sex toys for long distances help lovers to maintain their relationships. There are many cutting edge techniques used the touch sensor and accelerometer to deliver your touch, petting, kiss or even sex to your partner. The product line includes touch-connecting bracelets, internet-enabled vibrator and also the VR devices. In the future, the distance will not be a problem anymore.



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