Ang Zhao

The future scenario I have watched is a series of video called ‘2057’ produced by Discovery. Including 3 episodes: the body, the city and the world. The whole series mainly focuses on the future technologies from different perspective, and it also mentioned the change of social, environmental and economical aspects to demonstrate the future system.


The first episode is about the human body. The video has predicted that in the future all the organs can be grown or 3D printed except the brain, or even the brain can be repaired by injecting brain tissue. So, in the future, people will not die for organ failures. In the future, sensors will be everywhere, such as in people’s clothes. All the sensors around are monitoring people’s health all the time. Once the condition is wrong, the hospital will be noticed and they are ready to aid you. The future health care system will be highly improved by technology. The hologram will show patients’ whole body and even the internal. Surgeries will be easier and lower risky than nowadays. Health issue will has the highest priority to deal with, a healthy body is the base for every human activity. On the other hand, the birth rate will be lower than death rate in the future especially in the developed countries, and young couples in western countries prefer to have lesser children than the past, so health care will be advanced in the future.


The second episode has talked about our future city, which is fully technology aided scenario. The whole city is in a big system. People, vehicles, services, everything’s connected together. There will be no traffic accident anymore because the system will drive the cars automatically instead of human drivers. According to the Moore’s law, every 18 months the power of computer will be doubled. Today’s cell phones are way powerful than the one that NASA had used which put two men on the moon. The future communication devices will be smarter and faster. It also could be implanted into our clothes or even our bodies. The use of robots will help people to do some physical works. Some of them will have basic artificial intelligence, which means that users could have a conversation with robots. Technology will shape the future society, and also will change the crimes. Our future rely on the internet, so it will be the main target for criminals. Michio Kaku says in the future, computer virus would paralyze an entire city, disrupting water, food and transportation. It will be a non-stop fight between securities and hackers. Bad guys will keep up with the times as always. When our lives get improved, we also need to be on guard against stronger enemies.


The third episode is about the world, the perspective is getting bigger from human body to the macro world. This episode has talked about oil crisis, solar energy, space, and the international situation. In 2057, the solar panel will have higher efficiency to supply more facilities, but countries still fight for oil. China and the U.S will be the 2 superpowers on the planet, and conflicts for oil will be frequently.


In these scenarios, all the predictions would come true in the future in my opinion. The videos are not just making irresponsible remarks. Each prediction has a proof in our modern world. The technologies has already cut a figure currently, so all we need is time to popularize it.





Magik Kidz 2014, 2057 – Michio Kaku – The Body ep. 1, view recording, YouTube, viewed 5 October 2016, < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohKB5RdPOSA&gt;.


Magik Kidz 2014, 2057 – Michio Kaku – The City ep. 2, view recording, YouTube, viewed 5 October 2016, < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnPNAP_STBE&t=1586s >.


Magik Kidz 2014, 2057 – Michio Kaku – The World ep. 3, view recording, YouTube, viewed 5 October 2016, < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9r1vJncn5o&t=1524s >.



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