Human technology relationships

Jiawen Li

Nowadays, our lives are increasingly inseparable from technology. For example, in this research, when Bryan wakes up, he will check his smart phone and responds to texts / email. Lots of people get used to depending on their smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to deal with personal or professional issues. Therefore, they are always messaging, browsing, friending, tweeting and sharing, and even on the street, you also can see they play their mobile device. Technology is slowly changing our lives, especially love. In this blog, I will analyse some examples to explore how new technology influences the way we love / express love/ pursue love.

Technology is closely related to human life, and many people use technology to meet on a dating site. With the popularity of Internet, we start to use technology to expand our opportunities to meet and seek romance with others. The chat room and some other traditional sites are replaced by the smart phone applications, which are extremely convenient for us to find partners. More importantly, you can easily search and locate nearby people by applications with GPS, such as Tinder, Blendr, Grindr.

Science and technology can also be a link to maintain love. For example, in a love relation, when one party is too shy to say his/her feelings, texting can be a good way of keeping passion. In addition, for long distance partners, they tend to communicate and maintain their love through text, pictures, FACETIME, as well as video or voice software.

Regarding sex, with the development of technology and social openness, some sex toys have begun to spread to people’s lives, which are conducive to promoting emotions for some special couples. Taking a Korean movie I watched for example, it told a story about the heroine had a phone sex with the hero on a wrong phone call. Subsequently, the hero had a crush on the heroine.

However, this type of technology is not mature enough. When we chat on the mobile device, there is a lack of some important reflections of emotion and scene. As shown in this research, the biggest problem with technology and relationships is there is no way of checking the mood and tone. Blocked by mobile devices, it is hard to know the true feelings of people who may be sarcastic, happy, not funny, and serious or joking / kidding sometimes.

Moreover, there are some people addicted to electronic devices. They will gradually alienate their parents, and even become unsociable. What’s worse, some people have affairs on Internet, which harms their partners. As we all know that technology is a double – edged sword. Therefore, when designing related products, we should consider their negative side.


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