Loki’s Wishes



In the future, love among us will be easier to pursue and maintain by new technologies and new ethical thinking about love. I have interviewed a friend Loki Chan who is an international student, keeping a long-distance love with his girlfriend. The first question for him is about his current situation. He said that he loves his girlfriend so much but the distance is the main problem to maintain the love. They can only meet only during vacations, which is twice a year. Time would consume their emotions to make the relationship faded away. Nowadays, the only methods to maintain their love are texting, calling and video chats. He said the modern technology is way better than the old days, but their relationship is still very fragile.

Now, it’s time to talk about the future. I asked him that did he ever imagine the future of love. He answered yes. When he miss  his girlfriend , he always have thousands wishes about love. Like some teleportation technology. I asked him does he think that the teleportation will be invented in 2050, he said maybe not. It is kind of preposterous, but the modern digital world also can be preposterous for people who live in 19s century. This technology needs more time to be invented. In my opinion, teleportation will be fantastic if it exists. It is not only for lovers, it also a new way of transportation. Nowadays, we can teleport data but not physical things. Maybe we would make it in 100 or 1000 years. It will change everything. But for 2050, we need to imagine something more possible. Loki said, because his current situation, he hopes the long distance love could be easier. This problem is common in the modern society, even for many working couples, they are working in different places and they can’t meet frequently. In this time poor scenario, people’s relationships would become weaker than before. This issue cannot be ignored. He thinks that transportation must be improved in the future to shorten the time of traveling.  Every time he spent more than 20 hours to his home country. He takes the train after the flight and between the airport and the train station, the traffic jam also takes time. He thinks if the transportation system improved, everything would be easier.

The next Loki’s wish is the future family relationship. According to my group research area, I asked Loki about his middle aged life expectation. By 2050, he will be 57 years old. He said he might or nearly have grandchildren at that time, and also need to take care of his parents. He found that people are becoming more isolate d to each other. He is kinda afraid of the scenario of living without his family. But on the other hand, it must have a reason why people are becoming alone. Different age groups will have different focuses. Loki said he will concern about his health care. He hopes that the future health care will be fully covered. The health cover and emergent aid will be free and fast responded. He said that in the future, the ageing issue will be significant, the government should help people to get better lives. No matter what, our lives well get better!


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