Interview – futuring love

Q: Hi, this is Yue Cao, and i will be asking you a couple of questions around love and technologies in the future, are you ready?


A: Yes.


Q: Good. Lets get stared. First of all, do you think love has changed over the past 30 years?


A: No. Although technology has advanced so much in the past 3 decades, and we are so attached to our smart phones and laptops, I still believe love remains the same. We now have many options to express love, but the meaning of love hasnt changed at all, we still want to love and be loved.



Q: Ok, in which particular way that you feel love has evolved strongest?


A: As mentioned above, technology has advanced and is still improving and therefore I feel it has the biggest impact on love.


Q: How do you think that it is related to LOVE?


A: Technology makes communication easier than ever. A message can be sent to almost anywhere in the world in few seconds with few finger clicks. We no longer need to be physically present to show our love or feel loved. It also allows lovers who live far away from each other to feel more connected.


Q: Can you give me one or two examples of that ?


A: Transportation is one. We can visit anyone from anywhere in a short period of time. Tube baby is another great example of modern technology that brings hope, miracle, and joy to a couple. Smartphones and laptops are there to provide easier and quicker communication. Video chatting is another popular way to stay close with loved ones.


Q:Interesting. Have you ever thought of having a tube-baby?


A: yes, no, maybe, i don’t know. If it’s necessary? Hahahahaha.


Q: Lets try to move further, think about in 2050, how do you think technology will affect peoples life?


A:  teleportation would be amazing, but could be too difficult to accomplish by 2050. Smartphones might be integrated with accessories such as glasses or watches. Hopefully fuel cars could be completely replaced by electric cars. Clean water should be accessible to everyone, too many people pass away each year from drinking contaminated water. There are so many possibilities before we reach 2050, and all these possibilities serve one goal, that is to bring enjoy and happiness to people.


Q: Great to hear that. Thank you for your participation.


A: No worries.






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