Love, Time, Property



Reviewing the past is the best way to predict the trend of futuring love. Let’s think about the issues which are happening nowadays about love. Will the issues still exist in the future? Human is perceptual, they cannot act like a machine. Nobody can guarantee that their love can last till the end, even though they got their oaths. So, the first issue comes to us: if every couple will get a happy ending?


Time changes everything, of course including the elegant and fragile thing – love. As a young and optimistic man, I believe my love to my girlfriend is unbreakable, and I also think that someone else such as my friends, they got a unstable love. Everyone hopes and believes they will get a long last love, but to be honest, if we review the past we can see that the reality is not that perfect. According to a scientific research, romantic love is driven by testosterone and estrogen(Kienlen, 2010). People would get board over time. In my opinion, some physiological reasons are unavoidable, but in the future, people’s understanding of love would change, the variety of relationship between people will be increased. Some relationships might violate ethics in our view, but the truth is we are doing something absolute bad in the ancients’ view. And also, in pace with the developing of human’s quality, the constraints for love will be lessened. In the past, the variety of restriction from many aspects hindered loves. The restrictions from families, society and inequality are reduced in the modern society, and I believe it would be eliminated in the future.


There are so many things involved in love, not only our emotions, feelings, but also some practical and actual things for lovers to concern about. Marriage is the fruit of love, and also marring a person could be a start of a nightmare in the past and modern. As I said, the romantic love is generated by hormones, and after that period past, things would change. Firstly, when people want a love, they want luxuries. The quality of a love is based on materials. Poor lovers would endure more risks of breaking up or divorce than wealthy lovers. When people get married, they become a co-ownership, they share the property together(Dixon, 2015). They need to decide how to enjoy the ‘luxury’ together. This kind of capitalism relationship has been developed since gender equality raised, and as we see, people are getting self-centred, along with the development of the society. The dividing line between public and private are clearer. In the future, people might only control their own fund, without sharing with their husband or wife. It may looks like human is becoming more and more selfish, but it also will give us more freedom to choose where do we spend the money.


No matter everything will be different in the future, the true love will never change. A romantic love finally will become a family love. That bond is unbreakable. Or if you guys still want a romantic love? No problem. Medicines such as serotonin promoters or endorphin boosters or other forms of chemically synthesized beatitude in the future will help you to get the romantic love just like your first love(Kipnis, 2006). It is not bullshit. Actually, this kind of medicine has already cut a figure currently.


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