Review of Future Scenario – Mr. Nobody

YUE CAO Start with the memory of Nemo in 2092, the main character of Mr.Nobody, in other word he is the Mr.Nobody. In his 118, we can see 3 scenarios happened in the storyline, which reflect through the fantasy of different possibilities chosen by him and led him to different lives.

  • Love

Nemo decided to follow his mom to America, starting the new life there. He met his ‘true love’ Anna and spent there perfect teens together. By the time it starts again with two possibilities: 1.They get married hopefully. However Nemo died in his 34 because of the car crush. 2.Anna had to leave him but both of them can not forget the beautiful moments they have spent. As a result, it become such a regret that two people fall in love but can’t be together anymore.

  • Be-Loved

Because of the idea of ‘marry the one who first dance with you’, Nemo had a extremely unhappy life with Jean. In this version of life, he keep confusing with himself and dreaming about his other parallel life. Died in his 34.

  • For love

Although Elise didn’t love Nemo at all, the depressive relationship would finally make two endings: Elise died in an accident at their wedding / Nemo still suffering from from relentless depression.

  • Loveless

Being refused by Elise in their teens, Nemo had a accident and spent his rest of life as a comatose vegetable.


In 2 hour’s filming time, there are 6 ways of life. The reason that i’ve divided the review in the order of ‘Love’ is, according to the story, nothing was absolutely happened in certain but as Nemo said in his 118,  Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.” This idea resonates true because the concept behind all those future memories is to explain the universal sense that life has passed people by, and the longing for the nonexistent reset button that will allow him a second chance. (Sullivan, 2013) However, in the end, Nemo in 118 said it’s his best day because he ‘assisted’ the Nemo in 9 to a best life with his final choice — Anna. The other ways of life are all assumed but never gonna turn to be real, just because there is nothing called LOVE.<3


Mr.Nobody (2009)

Sullivan, M, 2013, Mr.Nobody Movie Review, the Washington Post, viewed 5 Oct, 2016,



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