A future scenario- I, Robot

Jiawen Li

The story takes place in 2035 in the Chicago

Robots have become an indispensable part in the human life. They are everywhere as good helpers of mankind, such as walking dogs and throwing the garbage. In addition, the robot VIKI is also used in the city’s Safety systems to reduce the safety risk. Due to the protection of the three laws of robotics, human beings fully trust these robotic partners who are able to do all kinds of work without any complaints, and many of them have even become family members. On the eve of the birth of NS-5 robot, Dr. Lang Ning, the creator of robots, is found to commit suicide bizarrely in the company. Detective Spooner accepts the mission to investigate the case. Subsequently, robots are capable of having independent thinking to threaten the existence of human, triggering a war between human and robot. At last, it turns out that the manipulator is VIKI who misinterprets the three laws of robotics for protecting human and human’s future. Detective Spooner stops VIKI, and the society finally backs to the ear with single old robots. All the problematic NS-5 robots are destroyed.

Believe (positive):

  1. Susan, a scientist who specializes in robotics, has always admired logic and science, and she believes that robots will outdo humans and help humans.
  2. Robots bring convenience to humans


  1. Because of the unpleasant past, Spooner is full of doubts about robots and does not believe that humans and robots can live in harmony.
  2. After being able to have independent thinking, robots will bring disadvantages to mankind

The film length is 115 minutes. It is an adaptation from the book of the famous science fiction novelist Isaac Asimov. The whole article is quite simple. In order to restrain the behavior of robots, humans make the three laws ensuring the supremacy of human beings, which, in fact, have a false logic. With the highly evolved intelligence of robots, they distinguish humans into different groups and conduct “prior protection”. Meanwhile, they attempt to remove anybody or anything hindering such “protection”, even including the chief engineer who invented them. When you see this plot, you will associate it with the World War II group of invaders invaded the country on the grounds of the Holocaust, which was called as the theory of race optimization by the United States. It can be seen that science fiction writers have a lot of realistic foundations, and we have already experienced these film plots in the real world, which is more creative and brutal.

Perhaps Asimov’s real purpose is to convey the idea that technology is not terrible, the machine is not terrible, and what is truly terrible is our own. The seemingly reasonable three laws, in fact, is a serious logic error which is harmful to human survival. As for the real world, perhaps this kind o logic error is not rare. Sorry, it is a little off the point and let’s return to the film. Technology can bring convenience to people, but there are some drawbacks needed to be paid attention to.


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