Primary Research-Interview

Jiawen Li


Rui Zhou, Male, 21 years old. He is a international student, also is a college student.

This is part of interview (I choose some useful questions to record):

Q: Are you in love now? If not, have you been in love?

A: I am single now, but I’ve fallen in love.

Q:Have you been in long-distance relationship?If not, do you want to try this type of relationship? What do you think of the long-distance relationship?

A: Not yet now. I did not believe a long distance relationship. Because I lack the sense of security,maybe she will have an affair with someone, a good relationship is not mutual suspicion. A busy word, and then each other will less common language and topic. It seems to me long distance love is difficult to maintain a stable relationship.

Q: Do you think modern technology can help you in the next love?

A: I will be through some social software / websites to expand my social circle, and go to a number of online dating.

Compared to the previous, we contact and communication will be more convenient. Because using smartphone and App can promote the relation between one people and other people, also can be together all the time. This way can increase the sense of security and reduce the feeling of loneliness.

Q: How do you think technology will affect people’s life / your family in 2050?

A: Transport will becoming progressively faster, such as from Australia to China, spend time will be greatly reduced. The long distance relationship may not be too much of a problem. On the other hand,intelligent robot housekeeper will appear, a lot of housework does not need to do it by them.

Some people believe that if the couple loves each other, the distance is not a big deal, while some others believe that it is hard to keep the distance love relationship, because distance frustrates communication.  As for me, we should think twice before making decision.

On the one hand, long distance relationship means loneliness and torment. When the couple in different places, they need to keep communication through computer or cell phone or other mobile devices, because they cannot be face to face in a long time. Once two people are falling in love, they want to see each other every day and share happiness and sorrow. The long distance relationship will threaten some couples. When they need each other, their partners are always absent and then they will feel lonely and sad. For example, if you do not bring your umbrella in the rainy day, but your partner do not know this thing, you only just can text him/her and wait your friend gives your umbrella.

On the other hand, long distant relationship enhances trust issues. When couples are deciding to start to begin a long distance love, the first problem which is they worry about is temptation. As they cannot see boyfriend/girlfriend everyday, they will think about what will happen to their boyfriends and girlfriends, maybe others are chasing them or we will break up soon. If the couples can hold on these, it means them they trust each other deeply, their love is strong.

However, this type of relationship will change or getting better in the future, because technology will more and more stronger than before. We need trust love, just everything will be fine.














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